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Water Extraction Experts

Leave Your Structural Drying Needs to Us

Overflows, floods, and backups are situations that need urgent solutions. Leave the water extraction and mitigation tasks to our team at Allay Mitigation Services in Nampa, ID to ensure that all the work is done properly. We can provide extractions, structural drying services, damaged material removal services, and moisture monitoring, as well as damage assessments.



Rebuilding your life after a flood or a severe case of water damage is hard. Fortunately, our team can restore your house to its proper condition while you take care of other pressing matters. We do our best to deliver the restoration results you deserve.

Get Water Extracted From Your Home

Has a recent flood or damaged pipe water-logged your home? Have our skilled and experienced team extract the water from your property! With our extraction and structural drying solutions, you don’t have to worry about further damage to your structures. Call our office to schedule a service appointment today. We are happy to serve. For your added convenience, we provide 24-hour emergency services.